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Here is a said rules of Girls Shoe Loss Wiki. Which is a list of rules all users are expected to follow. It's just like AnimeShoes Wiki's rules. But you still need to follow them at ALL times. Exception are down below.

Important guidelines to know and follow before contributing to Girls Shoe Loss Wiki[edit]

  • 1) This wikia topic is focused on girls/females losing one of their shoes. When updating a shoe loss scene, you can only update a shoe loss from girls/females only. Boys/Males shoe losses WILL NOT be allowed on this wiki. So only update girls/female shoe loss only. Any user who updates a Boys/Males shoe loss scenes on this site will be transported to Boys Shoe Loss Wiki.
  • 2) As far as footsie scenes, the only action from a footsie scene we want to see is the shoe being removed and nothing else.
  • 3) When making an article about a girl/female losing a shoe, this wiki only accepts a girl/female losing only one shoe, and NOT BOTH shoes. So only make an edit of girls/females losing only one shoe, and NOT both shoes. Any user who updates content of girls/females losing both shoes will be transported to either Animated Feet Scenes Wiki, Live Action Foot Scenes Wiki and/or Live Action Children Foot Scenes Wiki.
  • 4) For this wikia, you are allowed to add a female characters identity/head/face when making an edit. But make sure the female characters, celebrites, etc., are shown wearing one shoe. Close-ups on females wearing one shoe is also acceptable.
  • 5) When adding a female shoe loss from a live action movie and/or television human character, the title of the page should be the cast members name and not the movie and/or television human character's name, for example, those live action movie/television human articles should be named, Natalie Wood, Ariana Grande, Drew Barrymore, etc. Else noted for exceptions.
  • 6) When updating photos on a section of page, you can only include only a total of 40 pictures maximum photos on a section of a page. Any number of photos above 40 is too much to add in a section. Fanart is the only section that can be allowed to have more than 40 pictures maximum so fanart doesn't need that rule specifically.
  • 7) Female people under the age of 18 is allowed. We do not have an underage rule in this wiki, so that means all young people pages under the age of 18 (both animated and live action) are allowed to be on this forum.
  • 8) As far as shoe loss from elderly and infant characters, this Wiki will only allow animated elderly and infant characters from animated movies/series. Shoe losses from live action/real life elders and infants WILL NOT be allowed on this forum.
  • 9) You are more than welcomed to add a female shoe loss from a celebrity in real life, animated and/or live action movie/television characters, fanfiction stories, non famous females, etc. However, please DO NOT add anything inappropriate such as a character being dead (meaning all Female Characters must be alive when wearing one shoe) and/or a character being fully naked (meaning that all Female characters must be fully clothed when wearing one shoe) when making an edit to a female shoe loss. Not even films or television shows that contains non-G-rated content (e.g. LGBT, gruesome, and killing) are not allowed to have any female character articles on this site. Meaning that all girl/female shoe losses must be at a G-rated level when having a scene. This rule is being used on this wika because it violates Terms of Use.
  • 10) You are allowed to add fanart depictions and drawings of females wearing one shoe and it will mostly be used for the animated female characters, but just like in one of the previous rules, you can only include fanart depictions/drawings of a girl/female losing only one shoe, and NOT BOTH shoes nor a Boy/Male shoe loss. Also, do not post anything inappropriate in fanart depictions so the fanarts must be at G-Rated level meaning all of the female characters must be fully clothed and be alive when posting a girl/female one shoe off fanart. Although most of the fanart pictures comes from the animated characters, you are also more than welcome to post live action/real life females in the fan art drawings. However, when posting fan art, DO NOT make a separate fanart page of that character. All fanarts must be uploaded on the existing character page.
  • 11) Do not change other people's comments or even adding extra information to their comments, only the person who wrote that comment is allowed to edit that comment. Noncompliance will result in a ban from this site.
  • 12) DO NOT remove any content from pages and do not post any vandalism on any of the article pages. Any user who does not follow those rule will either receive a warning or being banned from this website.
  • 13) If there is a page that you do not like, then you need leave the page alone and keep it the way it is. There are users may despise a certain female character and/or celebrity, and it is best to keep your opinions to yourself. Noncompliance, will result in a ban.
  • 14) When making edits on this website, do not add subjective categories and/or edits ("beautiful", "gorgeous", "pretty", "ugly", "sexy", "unsexy" and so on) into the article pages. Noncompliance will immediately result in a block or maybe even a ban from this website.
  • 15) No drama, cussing and/or yelling in the comments, and ABSOLUTELY NO arguing with DeltaRuneFan2001, 89AnimeChampMaster and/or any other Admin on this Wikia.

Failure to follow these rules will result in a block sentence. So make sure you follow the rules and have fun on this site!


  • Unknown names, which would be added under Unknown Shoe Loss scenes but the shows from live action and animated could be separate, however they need to be in alphabetical order and not in a mixed up order you want it to be in or in the order in which each show premiered on, so you have make the shows from Unknown Shoe Loss scenes page to be in alphabetical order.